They say laughter is the best medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s no joke!

Mass Public Health also agrees! And so does Harvard!

So, why do so many agree?

Laughter has many short and long-term benefits that can support you and your family as you experience your best life!  People of any age, especially those with chronic conditions like hemophilia, can experience the benefit and there are no negative side effects! If you want to experience the benefits of laughter – remember – it only takes a minute and the minute invested will return millions more!

Short-term benefits of laughter:

  • Soothes tension by relaxing muscles
  • Stress relief created by shifts in blood pressure
  • Deep breathing during laughter feeds your body oxygen

Long-term benefits of laughter:

  • Improve your immune system by strengthening your stress response
  • Relieve pain by creating natural chemicals in your body that decrease pain
  • Increase personal satisfaction by connecting you with people through shared experiences
  • Improve your mood by decreasing depression and anxiety

Here at Mylyfe, we deeply believe that providing your medication is just one piece of your treatment plan. We believe that life is about fun, happiness, and being present during your unforgettable moments and we want to help! That is why Mylyfe was proud to partner with the New England Hemophilia Association to host Comedy Night featuring Maine native Kelly Macfarland! All night the laughs kept rolling while Kelly told us stories and shared insights about life.

We know that it can be challenging to find laughter when you are living with a diagnosis. That is why we will continue to support events like Comedy Night and will keep talking about laughter as part of a healthy life!

Next week we will talk about some different tips on how to create laughter in your life when you might feel challenged.

Always remember – you don’t need to be a pharmacy to dispense laughter to anyone around you. And it’s free!  

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