Mylyfe Welcomes Peg Geary to Their Team!

I am very excited to announce that Peg Geary, MA, MBA, MPH, LCSW, CCM has joined the Mylyfe team as our Director of Patient Services!

I have known Peg for years, and if you also have known her for years, it’s because she has been a part of the bleeding disorders community for thirty years! I first met Peg when she was working as a clinical social worker at the New England Hemophilia Center, located at UMassMemorial Hospital in Worcester, and it was then that I learned just how amazing she is. Some of you may also know Peg from her time working at the Boston Hemophilia Center as well.

There are so many reasons that I believe Peg is a true treasure to our community. Above all, it’s her capacity to care. Time and again, both personally and professionally, she’s demonstrated that her successes come from being able to connect with people and support them in their life. It’s the fabric she’s made from. She has the biggest heart out there and it shows.

If you don’t yet have the pleasure of knowing her, what I want you to know about Peg is this: 

  • Peg has a deep and ongoing, palpable excitement to learn more about the issues those of us living with a chronic illness face.
  • She is, hands down, one of the easiest people to talk to.
  • I said this before, but she truly has such a kind heart and soul.
  • She always makes you feel respected and welcomed (and is always smiling).
  • She’s very dedicated to the bleeding disorders community.
  • She’s very honest.
  • You can always count on finding time to laugh and have fun when you’re with her.

At her core, Peg has dedicated her life to working with people affected by chronic conditions and considers the bleeding disorders community her “first love”. This love is evident through her work. Her service is deep and unparalleled.  

She’s served in so many ways that have given her the experience, knowledge, and expertise that will benefit our Mylyfe’s patients and community. Here is a short list of ways Peg has supported the bleeding disorders community through the years:

  • Board of Directors at the New England Hemophilia Association 
  • New England Bleeding Disorders Advocacy Committee
  • vWD Connect Foundation Planning Committee
  • Hemophilia Treatment Centers’ Region 1 (New England) Executive Committee
  • National Hemophilia Foundation Inhibitor Summit Steering Committee
  • National Hemophilia Foundation Social Work Working Group
  • Chair of NHF’s Social Work Research Subcommittee
  • Many UMassMemorial Hospital Committees, including Blended Culture and Employee Activities 

As amazing as her passion for our community is, it’s amazing that it’s recognized by others. She’s won several awards within the bleeding disorders community that demonstrates her impact and I am pleased to share them with you.

  • The New England Hemophilia Association’s Champion of Healthcare Award
  • The National Hemophilia Association’s Social Worker of the Year
  • The National Hemophilia Association’s Social Work Group Research Award of Excellence

When she and I had the opportunity to chat more about the possibility of her working with me at Mylyfe, she personally shared with me how important the bleeding disorders community has been, and continues to be, in her life.  

Peg shares, “I’ve worked in the bleeding disorders field since 1991, first as a clinical social worker and then in research and management at hemophilia treatment centers including the New England Hemophilia Center in Worcester, MA, and the Boston Hemophilia Center. I consider myself very fortunate to have found myself in the ‘right place at the right time’ when I joined the bleeding disorders community. I have been welcomed by and worked with the most amazing providers and patients both locally and nationally. It has been such a privilege to share in the lives of people affected by bleeding disorders. I have never before seen such strength and courage in any other group of people. The people in the bleeding disorders community have served as a guiding light for me, facing challenges with commitment and compassion. It has been such an honor to be a part of it all and I feel blessed to be able to continue to work with the community. It has been a wonderful life-long career and I look forward to this exciting new adventure with Mylyfe.”

Peg’s been in Massachusetts since her teens and calls New England home. Now grown with children of their own, Peg’s two boys stayed in the area which allows for one of her most favorite things – meet ups with her family, especially with her grandsons, ages three months to four years old! We’re so lucky to have her with us, here in New England, and willing to continue to serve!

Thanks, Peg, for continuing to share your journey with me, Mylyfe, and the bleeding disorders community! I couldn’t think of a better person for this role, and I am eternally grateful. Here’s to many more years of service!

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