I am pleased to announce that Bob Mooney has joined the Mylyfe team as Vice President Of Business Development!

I have known Bob for well over a decade. He has been a long-time colleague of mine and I am so excited to finally work on the same team. Bob brings a lot of great energy to Mylyfe. He demands that we do things right the first time and fully appreciates the level of support we bring to our patients. Bob not only brings his great wealth of business knowledge and expertise, but like the rest of our Mylyfe team, he is here and he is in it for the right reason, for our patients.

How do I know this to be true?

It’s in the way he cares for his family and friends, in the way he prioritizes giving to others, and in the way he embraces the positive side of life.  I also know this to be true because most of his years have been spent serving others through various roles within the healthcare industry, and he gives of his time and resources.

Some things I know about Bob that I think are important for you to know are:

1) His favorite thing in life is to spend time with his family. He has three grown sons and a lovely wife, all of whom I’ve met and respect.

2) His values align with Mylyfe’s values. Mylyfe’s goal is to always give back to the community we serve.  Bob has spent countless hours volunteering and gives back whenever he can.  His family’s favorite charities, along with the bleeding disorders community, are Tunnels to Towers, St. Jude’s, and their home church.

3) He’s a healthcare leader.  As mentioned, he’s been working in healthcare for the majority of his career.  He’s worked in senior roles in many companies including a specialty pharmacy.  You can check out more about him here.

4) He understands sustainability. As much as sustainability is about the environment (and we believe in that), sustainability for us means that we will go the long haul and build a company that is here to stay! When Bob talks with me about it, he always recognizes that everything we do has an impact and he understands what it takes. From the dollars and cents to enhancing our connective capacity, he’s here to ensure we work with purpose.

5) He understands what it means to put patients first.  The way Bob operates is based on mutual respect and caring about each other. He truly believes in Mylyfe’s mission to help patients live their best life!

Bob shares, “I am very thankful to have found a place at Mylyfe. I knew as soon as Mark told me about it that it was the place for me! Having deeply connected with patients in the bleeding disorders community, I know how important this work is – and I am very excited to be working with Mark!  My initial impression when I first met Mark was that Mark truly is a “good soul” and it was crystal clear that he cared immensely about the bleeding disorders community. Over the years I have been able to see how vested he is in his community.  He has a great sense of humor, and we share a passion for our families. Again, I am grateful to be a part of this growing team and look forward to helping Mylyfe grow!”

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am that Bob has joined our team. In the future, I know that with him on our team, our growth and success will happen. With Bob, we will be making a strong push to add additional payor contracts to our portfolio.  For providers, this means we will be able to add our skills and experience to their teams, supporting their systems. For patients, this will allow us to bring our much needed, high-touch model to more people that need it. Specifically, we want to make sure that our patient’s life their best life, the quality of life that they deserve.  We know that he will help us grow and continue to serve!

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