Last week, hundreds of consumers, family members, and friends met at Prowse Farm in Canton, MA, and participated in an annual Unite Walk to benefit members of the bleeding disorders community. I absolutely love this event and participate in it every year.  Who doesn’t?

The Unite Walk is the biggest fundraiser for NEHA, the New England Hemophilia Association, and they raised over $310,000 this year!  What does it take to make a community event like this so successful?

In my mind, it takes:

  • A compassionate group of chapter staff who are committed to working toward better care, treatment, education, and resources for persons with bleeding disorders (BDs).
  • A group of devoted volunteers who give their time, attention, effort, and financial support to a mission that is close to their hearts.
  • The involvement of people who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.
  • The support of people who love people with bleeding disorders.
  • The belief is that we can all help improve the quality of life for people with BDs.
  • The dream is that there will someday be a cure for this condition.

In my mind, it takes a village!  And thankfully, we have a wonderful one in New England!  😉

~Peg Geary, Director of Patient Services

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