At Mylyfe Specialty Pharmacy, we work to provide the best services in everything that we do. That includes the packaging for our medications. In today’s world, efforts to be sustainable are available in every sector and industry, but some specialty pharmacies are a little behind when offering sustainable packaging options. However, when it comes to being responsible and good stewards of what we are given, our packaging is just one more way that Mylyfe works to offer the best for our community. Read on to learn about the practices that Mylyfe uses to deliver sustainable medication packaging.

Hand Delivery

At Mylyfe, we hand deliver most of our medications to our patients. It may seem small, but it makes all of the difference from a customer service and sustainability perspective. We ensure that all medicines are carefully packaged and brought straight to you whenever you need them. That means we cut out the middleman and work with you directly. 

No Extra Packaging

Much of the waste in today’s world is related to packaging. Excess bubble wrap, styrofoam, and other kinds of waste put a dent in recycling efforts and are overall not good for the planet. Since we hand deliver our medications, we cut out the extra work and packaging. Our packaging is sustainable because it does not rely on the extras that can bulk up the supply chain. It can also be ultimately stressful for you as the consumer. Since we don’t use extra packaging, you can feel confident that we are doing our best to be sustainable in everything that we do.

Sustainable Medication Packaging: Reusable Insulated Bags

If you ordered medication with Mylyfe Specialty Pharmacy, you’ve more than likely seen our reusable insulated bags. These bags are beautiful, practical, and an excellent example of our commitment to sustainability. Instead of wasting resources with disposable bags, we wanted to responsibly offer our medication delivery services. It’s also more convenient for you. Our bags keep your medications at a safe temperature for hours because we know that you need that extra peace of mind if you have a bleeding disorder or other condition. These conditions require special attention and proper medication storage and transportation. 

Zero Waste

Finally, sustainable medication packaging has little to no waste. Waste is a big problem in the United States and other developed countries. Often, excess packaging can contribute to even more waste. At Mylyfe, we want to ensure that we have as little waste as possible. Our insulated bags can be reused repeatedly, so you don’t need to invest in disposable items. We can even take the reusable bags back from you once you’re done, so you don’t have to worry about discarding them. A simple act like this helps us be sustainable with our medications without any waste. These are just some of the ways that Mylyfe works to implement sustainable medication packaging, and we will continue to do so to help our planet and community.

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