When I started this company, I knew I wanted to do something different. You can see that in all of Mylyfe’s messaging. Of course, I want Mylye to be better than the rest – for our patients, I always want to have great service, but I really wanted to get to something deeper as part of our service model. I didn’t want people just to have the bare minimum of what they need, I wanted to make sure that they live their best lives, like really live their best lives!

To work within that principle – people deserve to live their best life –  everything we do has to come from a place that is deeply rooted in a system of values that connects with the inherent value present in us all. And, everything has to come from a place in the heart that you really feel it.

To some, this might seem like a lofty ideal, but in my life, and at Mylyfe, it’s not an ideal. It’s daily and ongoing work making sure that our employees and patients understand the possibilities that exist when we really understand what it means when you work from a place that is based on respect and care.

Like the Mayo Clinic and other organizations that embrace and share their values, what I want you to know about me and Mylyfe is this:

These are some of the things that I want you to know.

  • We value diversity. In the simplest of places, it’s easy to recognize that life is a complex system made up of so many different pieces.  It’s only by seeing that the bee needs the flower and the flower needs to make it work that we can recognize how important we all are to each other.
  • We value integrity. Within our organization and with our patients, we know that honesty is always the best policy. We work hard to make sure inside and outside of Mylyfe, that we all work from a place of transparency and keep you informed about your care.
  • We value compassion and joy. This can be a hard one for people who have a chronic condition – like me. But I’ve found (and so many others agree) that if you can infuse life with care, compassion, and joy, you feel when we talk about wanting our patients to have an excellent quality of life, we mean it!
  • We value patient-centered care. We believe that every person has value and the care we provide must be rooted in seeing you as the most important piece of your care team. Side note – Anyone on your care team, from doctors to nurses, hospital staff to your specialty pharmacy should always make you their first priority.

If you feel like my (and Mylyfe’s) values align with yours and you want to learn more about our programs and services, reach out anytime! And, please feel free to subscribe and share!

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