You may not be aware of this, but In the field of healthcare, the biggest conversation that happens that is supposed to drive the improvement of the overall healthcare system, is about value. There is a lot out there about value as it relates to cutting the cost of healthcare  There is even more about high-value care.  When digging deeper into the concept of values within healthcare, as a culture and society, we have yet to get clear about who values what and why

In studies, they’ve found that between patients, providers, and employers, as a collective group we aren’t really clear about what we value.  That’s why I find it so important for Mylyfe to be very clear about what we value.

My last blog talked about what I value and how it relates to Mylyfe and our services. I felt it was very important for everyone to know where I and Mylyfe are coming from when we say you deserve to live your best life.  It’s what matters most.  For some, it would be easy to say that it’s all fluff.  What we want those people who would criticize us to know is this – we seek to create positive change in the lives of our patients and we seek to create positive change within the healthcare system.  There’s nothing fluffy about that! 

To dig deep, I have to share that embracing values is one thing, but to put them into action is another.  It’s real work in real life.  Values put into action become models and I want our patients to know (and everyone else) is that we work hard to work from leadership models that support our values.

Leadership models can be very different depending on where you’re coming from. Within healthcare, there are four types of leadership that seem to be most widely represented. Those are transactional, adaptive, transformational, and servant leadership.

Transactional leadership focuses on outcomes that are black and white.  These are the types of systems that most often focus on quotas and overlook the complexities that exist within systems, relationships, and possibilities. It’s like getting your prescription without having a conversation with your care provider and talking with the auto-bot about your next refill.  Dollars and cents, without connection.

We do not embrace transactional leadership.  Our work, however, embraces the cores of adaptive, transformational, and servant leadership models.

Adaptive leadership focuses on work that overcomes challenges created by change.  Adaptive leadership approaches challenges through a process of collaboration between patient and provider.  If there is anything I (and others affected by a chronic condition) know – constant change is a way of life and there is nothing more important than having a care provider that gets that.

Transformational leadership focuses on change on a greater scale.  While it’s not my intention to have anyone “fall in line” with my vision, being part of the very active New England bleeding disorders community has shown me that if we all follow the same vision – everyone deserves to live their best lives – that we can achieve change in our lifetime.  Real change.

Servant leadership focuses on serving the highest needs of others in an effort to help others achieve their goals. Servant leadership focuses on awareness and self-knowledge that helps us better understand purpose. The qualities and characteristics of servant leadership are listening, empathy, healing, awareness, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building community. This is the model that we at Mylyfe work to most deeply follow.

If you’ve read this and other posts, thank you.  I really wanted you to know, from the get-go, who we are.  I still have more to share about our “why’s and how’s” but I will also start sharing more stories, tools, and resources.  We’ll start having some guest bloggers, staff posts, and conversations about current and hot-topics.  So thanks again for reading and stay tuned!  As always, please feel free to reach out anytime!  And, please subscribe and share!


I am thankful for having laughter in my life.   As I’ve grown older, I realize that even beyond helping me through the pain and discomfort, it’s helped me connect more deeply with others, and I’ve seen how joy and laughter have helped to build our bleeding disorders community.  At any given event, there are always people with smiles on their faces connecting (and sometimes) rolling with laughter.  I can’t wait until we can be together in person again!

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~ Victor Borge

Until then, I wanted to share some of the ways that I (and others) have been able to bring joy and laughter into their lives.  Many of them are pretty simple and right under your nose!

  • Don’t be afraid to laugh!! This one is the most important.  Some many people are too often embarrassed to laugh.  It is important to let your guard down and simply enjoy the company you are with.
  • Find funny people! Know someone who always makes you laugh?  If you need a lift, reach out and spend time with funny friends!
  • Tell stories about the past with friends and family. We all have stories to share!
  • Head to YouTube and find a funny clip from one of your favorite shows. Repeat as necessary!!! (Or just watch a comedy on Netflix – either way, get in some good laughs!)
  • Find a funny podcast, listen, and laugh!
  • Keep it simple! Try to see a situation with the eyes of a child and find the humor in a situation. What can seem so serious to us, is often actually very funny!
  • Try something new with your partner or family. Now this one is more challenging than the others.  You have to be able to laugh at YOURSELF as well as the situation.  I know for me there is nothing funnier than getting your kids to laugh with you as you try to impersonate one of their favorite television characters. (Typically, I don’t do the best impersonations…I don’t think America’s Got Talent will be calling any time soon.)
  • Finally, just smile! Smiling leads to laughter.  Have you ever tried to get through a conversation with someone where you are trying to smile the whole time?  Those forced smiles, when used for the powers of good, can be quite comical!!

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